Welcome to Lee Basketball Services LTD

Lee Basketball Services Ltd. is a full service basketball agency dedicated to delivering only the highest level of service to clients.

Bernie Lee is a certified NBPA agent serving clients in the NBA and around the globe, Lee Basketball Services LTD is a full service agency. Bernie Lee, Eamon Walsh and staff have the skills, tools and experience to handle every aspect of a player’s basketball career.

Lee Basketball Services offers:

player contract negotiation

player/team relations

career planning and guidance

developing, securing and executing strategic marketing opportunities

Bernie Lee has been working in basketball representation for the last 13 years. As an NBPA certified agent, Mr. Lee has experience in all levels of basketball. Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Bernie prides himself on the relationships he has built with clients, coaches and front office personel around the globe. Regardless of the country or league that clients are located, Lee Basketball Services LTD has a reputation for being able to provide full and complete support. We are committed to supporting and guiding clients throughout their career and provides some of the best service in the industry.

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