About Us

During the Course of my career I have been repeatedly struck by how connected each person’s career and path is connected and the thought of everything in life and business being connected by a Thread lead to the creation of Thread Sports Management Ltd.

At Thread Sports Management you will experience the thought of your career being connected by a Thread as well as your connection to the team you build around you which will include your representation, that example will stay with you and use for the during of your career and beyond.

Bernie Lee is a certified NBPA agent serving clients in the NBA and around the globe, Thread Sports Management is a full service agency has the skills, tools and experience to handle every aspect of a player’s basketball career.

Thread Sports Management offers:
Player contract negotiation
Player/team relations
Career planning and guidance
Developing, securing and executing strategic marketing opportunities

Run by Bernie Lee who has been working in basketball representation for the last 16 years. As an NBPA certified agent, Mr. Lee has experience in all levels of basketball. Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Bernie prides himself on the relationships he has built with clients, coaches and front office personel around the globe. Regardless of the country or league that clients are located, Thread Sports Management has a reputation for being able to provide full and complete support. We are committed to supporting and guiding clients throughout their career and provides some of the best service in the industry.

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