Michael Perez

#23| Guard – 6’3, 195lbs | Nevada

Michael Perez is a athletic, long rookie guard coming out of the University of Nevada with the ability to score at will or play within a club’s offense. His great arm length and size is a huge factor on defense. Along with his foot speed, his length severally limits players from getting around him. He was plagued with a wrist injury on his shoot arm during his senior season which greatly diminished his shooting ability but he wanted to play through it for his team. After the season he had surgery and is now ready to put up the consistent numbers he did during his Junior year and his Sophmore year at UTEP. Expect Michael to have a big impact his rookie year as a professional as his abilities translate perfectly to the professional level

2014-15 Nevada: 6.4 ppg – 3.0 rpg – 1.9 apg – 1.0 spg – .33 FG% – .67 FT%
2013-14 Nevada: 11.5 ppg – 3.8 rpg – 3.1 apg – .39 FG% – .33 3PT% – .76 FT%
2011-12 UTEP: 11.0 ppg – 2.6 rpg – 1.9 apg – .40 FG% – .37 3PT% – .73 FT%

Game Tape

vs UNLV, 18 pts, 7 rebs, 3 asts,

vs Cal, 18 pts, 8 rebs

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